2017 Farm & Food Facts


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This publication provides a statistical profile of two industries, FARMING and FOOD. It is divided into three parts. We hope this information will be useful to you as you communicate with farmers and non-farmers alike. The first part, "Farming in Illinois," focuses on production agriculture with emphasis on Illinois.

The second part emphasizes the important link between "Agriculture and the Environment" in the United States.

The third part, "Food in the United States," focuses on expenditures for and consumption of food nationwide.

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Illinois State Map with Counties

Profile of States Agriculture

Percent of Farms and of Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold

Farms by Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold

Number of Farms in Illinois

Illinois County Cash Receipts

Major Crops

Livestock, Dairy and Poultry

Illinois Leading Counties-Crops

Illinois Leading Counties-Livestock

Illinois Specialty Farmers

Illinois Farm Income

Illinois Cash Farm Income by Commodities

Farm Costs-Illinois

Farm Expenditures-Illinois

Illinois Ag Exports

Illinois Tax Revenues

Per Acre Property Taxes on Illinois Grain Farms

Characteristics of Illinois Farmland Buyers and Sellers

Farm Computer Ownership & Usage

Land Use in Illinois

Illinois County Demographics

Trends in U.S. Agriculture

Contract Farming: Average % of Total Productions

U.S. Certified Organic Cropland and Pasture

Certified Organic Acreage and Operations

Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Illinois Employment by Industry

Occupations Losing the Most Jobs


Conservation - Practice Adoption

CRP acres enrolled in Illinois

Fields of Fuel

Wind Power

Biotech Crop Adoption


Persons Fed Per Farmer

Food Dollar Series

Distribution of Food Expenditures

Percent of Disposable Personal Income Spent on Food

What Other Countries Spent on Food

Leading Markets for U.S. Agricultural Exports

Per Capita Consumption of Major Food Commodities

Consumer Expenditures at the Supermarket

CORN, Food, Seed, and Industrial Use


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