Saint Louis Science Center Family Video Process

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This page explains the process and contains the information you'll need to submit your family video for use in the Saint Louis Science Center's GROW exhibit, sponsored by Illinois Farm Bureau.

The Science Center has requested a selfie style video of each family, so each county Farm Bureau manager will be responsible for recording the video, or assisting the family to record the video. Here are the kind of videos the Science Center is looking for:

Video 1

Video 2

We've developed 6 steps to simplify the whole process from start to finish.

This is a lot of information here, if you do not want to read it all, watch this video! If you want to print all the information, click here for a printable version.


The process explained in 6 steps:


Choose a primary family, then choose a backup family and complete this form. Not sure how to ask the family? Use this cheat sheet.



Once your form is submitted, you must wait for an email confirmation approval from Sabrina Burkiewicz before moving to step 3.



Once you've got the approval email to move ahead, you'll need your primary family to complete this consent form. This is a legal document that must be completed by the family, not the CFB manager. This form will only be accepted as an online submission. If your chosen family does not have an email address or use the Internet, please ask them to come to the CFB to complete this form.


Once the chosen family submits, you will get another email confirmation from Sabrina Burkiewicz at Illinois Farm Bureau.



Once you've received the email confirmation, you can record your family's video. Each county manager will be responsible for using a digital camcorder to make a video of their chosen family, and upload the files to a shared folder for the Science Center to access.



Once you've filmed the video, upload the raw, unedited footage off the memory card to a USB drive that Nancy Kraft will send in the mail. You can drop it in the enclosed return envelope and we'll get the footage to the Science Center. Once we receive your family's consent form, we'll automatically send you the USB.  

Extra Help:

  • Here are two examples, example #1 and example #2, of the selfie style videos we want you to film.
  • Here is a fun video that demonstrates tips to help you make a great selfie style video.
  • Here are some sample scripts you can have the chosen family use or write your own.
  • Click on this link for a printable one page document of tips for filming your video.


  • Videos must be filmed using one of the camcorders and microphones IFB provides to each region.
  • You must film at least two minutes of video to give the Science Center enough raw footage.

Not sure about doing this yourself?

We encourage you to ask a fellow CFB manager, friend, even your teens to help you record the video. If you still need assistance, contact the Promotion Team and we'll arrange for some assistance to help you during the recording process-

Want to Opt Out?

You can choose to opt out of this process entirely and not produce a video for your county by sending an email to Sabrina Burkiewicz at

Due Date

Our goal is to have all videos completed by the summer of 2017.

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