Display Resources

“Farmer is In” booth:  This tabletop display breaks down, signage comes off, etc. for easy transportation.  It is approximately 3’ x 4’ tall.  The question signs (seen off to the side) are meant to prompt consumers to ask their questions.  I like to change out the signs depending on the farmer’s field of expertise. There are questions for livestock farmers and grain farmers, as well as general farming questions.

Farmer _in _booth

3-fold table-top display:  Approximately 3’ tall, 4’ wide (when spread out). Based on the Facts from the Farm brochure, this is an easy resource to help start conversations...then give the brochure for additional information.

Facts _from _farm


Various sizes and messages:

*Generic “Illinois Farm Families” with message “Growing your food with

          Care”, logo and WUG website

          Sizes:  24” x 36”

                    24” x 96”

*Farm Family with message “97% of farms in Illinois are family owned”,

 logo and WUG website

           Size: 36” x 60”

*Ask the Farmer – no logo, no website

          Size:  24” x 72”


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