Videos focused on the history of Illinois Farm Bureau

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Check out this seven-minute video tribute honoring IFB’s Centennial

Centennial video (quilt motif)

Saluting some Centennial farm families

Shuman and Eckert families

Getz and Beuth families

Various well wishes recognizing IFB’s Centennial

 Orion Samuelson & Max Armstrong

Farm Bureau VIPs

Gov. Rauner and Illinois’  U.S. Senators

 IL Political Leaders

 Youth groups and other organizations

 Agri Business and food industry leaders

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1959 Annual Meeting  2:30 1959 IAA Annual Meeting  15:06
Shoulder to Shoulder (Feauring Former IFB President Earl Smith)  2:36 Shoulder to Shoulder (1938)  16:37
1971 Star State Farmer Candidates  2:13 1971 Star State Farmer Candidates 18:00
A Farmer and His Public 2:31 A Farmer and His Public  10:54
Portraits - 1983 Outstanding Young Farmers  4:07 Portraits - 1983 Outstanding Young Farmers  15:10
So Much Depends  2:36 So Much Depends (1953)  44:00
Shuman & Kuhfuss (IFB and AFBF Presidents)  15:00

Sam Thompson (IFB and AFBF President) :47

100th Birthday Ceremony :30

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