Harvest Insurance Checklist

CountrycropinsAlthough harvest is probably on the minds of most farmers, there are a few other key deadlines for them to keep in mind. These dates are particularly important for farmers who expect to make revenue or yield claims.

  • Revenue protection claims must be submitted 25 days after announcement of the harvest price, which will be on or near Nov. 1, said Brad Clow, COUNTRY Financial manager of crop and field claims.
  • Yield protection claims must be submitted by Dec. 26.
    Once a claim gets submitted, a COUNTRY claims adjuster will contact farmers to discuss the claims process. Adjusters will need to know when harvest gets completed, whether grain has been sold or stored, and whether grain is stored on farm or in commercial storage.
  • If grain has been sold or placed in commercial storage, adjusters will need copies of settlement or delivery sheets, and access to individual tickets.

Farmers should contact their claims adjuster to measure bins before commingling grain if more than one unit of grain gets stored in a single structure. If a farmer believes a crop cannot be harvested, a field appraisal must be completed. 

“Good recordkeeping and the ability to identify where all the production originated will help expedite claims,” Clow said. “Keeping production separate by entity is essential."

For more information about the crop claims process, view the COUNTRY 2014 Fall Harvest Checklist.

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2014 Harvest Checklist

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