IFB's Legislative Priorities

Illinois Farm Bureau's 2014 national legislative priorities include supporting passage of a farm bill and defending the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).Action Graphicv 2.jpg

IFB's Board of Directors approved six legislative priorities during their January 23 meeting in Bloomington. The priorities, which are similar to last year's, are as follows:

* Oppose any regulatory or legislative attempts to weaken RFS.

IFB issued a call to action recently asking members to flood the White House with calls opposing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s proposal to reduce volume requirements in the RFS. IFB also submitted written comments to EPA.

The deadline to comment was Jan. 28.

Adam Nielsen, IFB director of national legislation and policy development, said IFB will continue to work with stakeholders, monitor EPA's statements and work to prevent any legislation from being considered on RFS.

* Advocate for federal tax policies that assist the farmer and promote rural economic growth.

*Swiftly enact, smoothly implement and passionately defend the 2014 Farm Bill.

*Complete Water Resource Development Act (WRDA) and support increased revenue to speed up lock improvements.

IFB is supporting the reauthorization of WRDA and also will lobby for a barge fuel tax, which would replenish the Inland Waterways Trust Fund, Nielsen said.

*Support trade, surface transportation and ag labor policies designed to expand markets, reduce costs and spur the economy.

IFB supports passage of Trade Promotion Authority in Congress.  If approved, the legislation would allow President Barack Obama to negotiate trade deals without Congress changing them. Congress would still be able to vote up-or-down on trade agreements, but would not be able to amend them.

IFB also plans to work with the Illinois delegation to make sure immigration reform will help employers in Illinois that have immigrant labor.

*Monitor and engage in federal regulatory issues consistent with our state and national policies.

"These are our marching orders for this year," Nielsen said. "We will make sure we have good progress going on a number of them before Congress really begins to shut down for the elections."


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