Agriculture in the Classroom

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Have you ever heard adults talk about a field trip to a farm that they took when they were in grade school? Chances are pretty good that you have. Learning about farming as a child leaves a lasting impressing. It builds an understanding that adults take with them to the grocery store, fuel pump and even voters' booth. That's why Illinois Farm Bureau is committed to the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) program. IAITC helps students appreciate and recognize the many ways that farmers provide food, fuel, clothing, and shelter.

AITC Teacher Quote 11How It Works
Agriculture in the Classroom shows teachers how to use agriculture as a springboard to teach core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies at all grade levels. IAITC offers teachers lesson plans tied to learning standards, fact-based Ag Mags, teacher training, grants, and more. The program is funded by the generous donations made to the IAA Foundation.

It Happens in Your County
The program touts an active presence in 62% of all schools in Illinois, thanks to county coordinators and volunteers at county Farm Bureau offices throughout the state.

It Happens on Your Farm
IAITC has a unique program called Adopt-A-Classroom. They match you with a Chicago classroom. Throughout the school year, you send your class letters describing what's happening on your farm. You can send photos, seeds and farm magazines, too.
It is a fun way to share your story with the next generation. Start by downloading the Farmers Adopt-A-Classroom application or calling your county Farm Bureau.

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