We are all a part of farming. Whether you shop at large chains, buy local, or grow your own food, the meals you consume are all connected to the land and to agriculture.

Being an Illinois Farm Bureau® (IFB®) and county Farm Bureau member allows you to apply for insurance through COUNTRY Preferred Insurance Company® or COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®.

What is Illinois Farm Bureau?

Illinois Farm Bureau is an organization through which farmers, consumers, and others work together to strengthen agriculture’s role as a vital part of a strong American economy. IFB’s mission is to improve the economic well-being of agriculture and enrich the quality of farm family life.

IFB has more than 400,000 members and works together with the 95 county Farm Bureaus in Illinois.

Our partnership?

Illinois Agricultural Association®, more commonly known as Illinois Farm Bureau, was established in 1916 by a group of Illinois farmers. One of IFB’s goals has always been to ensure farmers have a voice and have the opportunity to attain success in their profession.

In 1925, IFB formed an insurance company to provide Illinois farmers with fire insurance on farm buildings and their contents. Auto insurance was added in 1927, followed by life insurance in 1929. Today, the companies of COUNTRY Financial® offer a wide range of personal and business insurance options to consumers, as well as retirement, education, and investment products.

Loyal to its roots?

The COUNTRY® family of companies was formed by Illinois Farm Bureau. Just as COUNTRY is loyal to its clients, it is loyal to its roots as well. COUNTRY continues its association with IFB for many years and knows that Illinois Farm Bureau and county Farm Bureaus play an important role in the well being of all Americans.

To ensure continued access to Illinois Farm Bureau and county Farm Bureau membership benefits, including eligibility to apply for insurance with COUNTRY Mutual and COUNTRY Preferred Insurance Companies, you must pay your membership dues each year.

How does a membership benefit you?

Healthy food and strong business – Illinois Farm Bureau leads the way with grassroots farm programs that grow a healthy food system and business climate for Illinois.

Information – From a quarterly magazine to workshops, you’ll have access to meaningful information about agriculture and where your food comes from.

Community outreach – Illinois Farm Bureau awards scholarships, provides educational materials to schools, and has donated more than one million meals to local food banks.

Valuable discount program – You’ll get valuable discounts from a wide range of businesses.

While the roots of COUNTRY are planted deep in the rich farmland of Illinois, it has grown to serve clients in both rural and urban settings all across America. COUNTRY’s past lays the foundation for its future as it helps people achieve financial security, no matter where they’re starting from.

Want to know about your benefits in detail?

To learn more about your member benefits, click here ilfb.org/member